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Cohesive looks for your whole company

No team too big or too small for our Headshot Team.

Fast. Efficient. Premium.  We specialize in shooting corporate headshots & business portraits.  We are trusted by high-profile clients, company leadership, top-level execs, marketing directors, trade publications, physicians / surgeons / medical residency staffing agencies, creative production houses, local Tampa  tech startups, International travelers, actors, on-camera talent and more. Our job is to make each and every experience tailored and customized to your needs.

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The Studio Comes to You

Bringing the studio directly to you offers a seamless and efficient process for capturing professional headshots. With setup taking as little as 25 minutes, the portable studio ensures minimal disruption to your schedule.

For local companies, the entire team can easily coordinate a visit to my studio at a time that suits them best. Additionally, individuals who missed out on an on-location shoot can also take advantage of the studio setup.

Prior to the shoot, everyone will receive a comprehensive prep guide to ensure they can maximize their time and get the best results during their session with me.

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Individual Personalized Experience

Authenticity is the key to transforming a mediocre headshot into an outstanding one. I guide individuals in front of the camera to convey genuine emotions instead of resorting to cliché smiles.

After the shoot, everyone has the opportunity to view their headshots instantly on a computer screen and select their preferred images for retouching. I'm committed to capturing the perfect shot, so I continue shooting until my clients are completely satisfied.

For those with time constraints, we offer a streamlined process through automated proof galleries. This allows clients to conveniently review and choose their favorite images online, directly from their mobile devices or computers.



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Individual Personalized Scheduling

A personalized scheduling link tailored for both new hires and current employees seeking top-notch headshots. This streamlined system ensures easy access for anyone in need of a headshot, aligning seamlessly with the company's standards.

Whether individuals prefer studio sessions or on-location shoots, we accommodate all preferences. For new hires, we can even arrange regular on-location sessions to maintain consistency. Regardless of the shoot type, scheduling is simplified through your personalized booking link.

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