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Team Headshots of Realtors

team and staff headshots

No team too big or too small for our Headshot Team.

Fast. Efficient. Premium.  We specialize in shooting corporate headshots & business portraits.  We are trusted by high-profile clients, company leadership, top-level execs, marketing directors, trade publications, physicians / surgeons / medical residency staffing agencies, creative production houses, local Tampa  tech startups, International travelers, actors, on-camera talent and more. Our job is to make each and every experience tailored and customized to your needs.










What to Expect During Your  Team Headshot Session

It starts with planning. We will go over the specific looks or guidelines that are needed for your headshots. Once we have agreed on the look we will arrive to the meet up location, (your office, event space or Warped Vision Studios located in Downtown Tampa) and get to work.

The time it takes to do an individual headshot for each person varies from organization to organization. In some cases they can go as fast as 60 seconds a person, in others they may require 15 minutes per person. The timing is dependent on the amount of looks, poses, and backgrounds that are required per person. We will go over the exact timing during the consultation. Need additional time or need to have it done in a crunch? Just let us know.

Backdrop Options
Here are a few of the backdrop options for your team headshots. Additional colors are available upon request.

Want to show off the office or take them outdoors? Cinematic Headshot Options are available upon request.