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Day Of Session Work Flow

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

1. Preparing for your session. 1) Get a good night’s rest. 6-8 Hours of sleep is recommended. 2) A long night of drinking will certainly show in your skin and eyes. 3) Avoid sunburn & heavy tanning. Tan lines will show up and great details in front of a camera. 4) Make a checklist of garments to bring along. (i.e, extra blazer, lint roller, tie) 5) Prepare options your hair and/or makeup, be sure to confirm with any make up artist or hair stylist for your appointment time.

2. Arrive on time, come in and relax.

Usually I answer the door and introduce myself and the team. We offer you light refreshments and just get to know a bit about you, go over the wardrobe options, chat about what kinds of looks we want to achieve and your end goals. Depending on your session, we will be spending about 30 minutes to 2 hours working with each other, ensuring you get the product you want.

3. Photoshoot Time We will begin taking your photos (that's why you are here right?) At this point if you're not comfortable posing, my job will be to guide you from your body posture to your facial expression to make sure you exude confidence in whatever your doing.

4. Finish Up The Session

After the session we will review the images together briefly. Don't worry, I will email the proofs to you so you don't have to make any decisions on the spot, this is just to assure that we got everything we wanted out of the session.

I strongly encourage taking some selfies and posting them up on Instagram! Don't forget to tag me and the location!

5. Choose your must haves and favorites. CHOOSE: SELECT YOUR KEEPERS

Proofs will typically be sent out within 24 hours of the photoshoot via online gallery. Selecting your favorites is very simple and easy to do. Feel free to invite others to the gallery to help with the selecting process. My job is to make the decision making process harder, because if it was too easy I didn't give you enough options.

6. Retouching your choices. Once I have your selections, I will begin the editing process. Editing times will range from service to service so I will remind you the day of your session for turn around times.

7. Delivery You will receive a very welcomed email from me for your final images. The gallery will remain open one month from the date that it is created. Within this time it is strongly suggested that you download and save to an external USB drive. Once a month has elapsed, the gallery will no longer be available for viewing and downloading your images.

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