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Facial Coaching for Headshots

Last weekend I had a shoot with a Luxury Realtor.

What is a Luxury Realtor? Well it's exactly what you think it is, it's a realtor who specializes in luxury homes. In the Tampa area, thats commonly Tampa Heights, Wesley Chapel, Apollo Beach and New Tampa.

It was my first time working with an actual luxury realtor, rather than a realtor who aspired to work in luxury.

She rented out a home for a branding session. She is building a new website so it was very important for her to have new and up to date images of herself and other things for marketing purposes.

Headshots can be pretty boring and to tell someone to pose and smile is even more boring. My style is a lot more fluid and candid because I want to make sure the client is getting an authentic version of themselves. 99% of my clients cannot pose and some have never been in front of a camera professional. This is why facial coaching is so important in order to ensure you are getting candid photos versus stuff high school posy type photos.

Facial Coaching for headshots usually has very noticeable difference.

Can you spot the difference?

Headshot of Tampa Luxury Realtor
After Facial Coaching Headshot Image

Headshot of Luxury Realtor
Before Facial Coaching Headshot of Realtor

If you are in the Tampa area and in need of a headshot, I would love to work with you. If you are outside the area, I am open to travel.

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