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Feeling scared to take photos?

Lets talk about insecurities.

As a Tampa headshot photographer, I'm also a therapist.

Before or during the headshot sessions, during the orientation phase of our session, (when I get to know about you, your goals and ambitions) the client will tell me about things that they are uncomfortable with.

Here are the top imperfections that I have heard this year while doing headshots.

I have a double chin, can you edit it out.

Do I have to wear my glasses?

Can you edit out my braces?

I'm uncomfortable with my weight.

I have a lazy eye on this side.

I have a large forehead.

I would show an example of this with one of my client's headshots but I would rather show an example of myself.

I think I have rather big head but I got accustomed to that. The real issue is that I have a lazy eye. I don't know when it happened but it's obvious in my left eye (it looks like my right in this photo).

Rather than edit something out, there are ways to mask this so it doesn't appear or show up in the photo. Through posing and positioning it is easy in most cases to hide those imperfections by highlighting your best features.

Are insecurities should you back from taking photos of yourself? Let this be your sign to have your photos taken with an expert so you can turn those excuses into exceptions.

Self portrait highlighting features.
Self Portrait

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