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Headshot Preparation Guide for Men

A Perfect headshot is 50% prep and 50% Photography. Preparation is key for getting your best headshot. You are about to have a new kind of headshot experience that will help you stand out from the crowd. The goal of updating your headshot with Warped Vision Photography, is to show the best version of you. (That way we can look our best digitally everyday!) The lighting will be amazing, and we will accentuate your best angles, but you will be in front of the camera, so it’s important that you arrive ready. The bottom line is that you’ve made a commitment of time and money to have a perfectly imperfect headshot session. I recommend looking your best head to toe. You’ll photograph better if you look your best. (No shame changing into leisurewear after the session)

1.Visit your barber or hair stylist beforehand.

Most men look great after having their haircut/and or styled. Avoid going the same day as your session. Sometimes irritation will be visible (not to mention left over hair clippings somewhere). If you have a beard, trim and or shape it. It's important to have a nice shaped beard as it will effect your jawline. If you have a clean jawline, avoid shaving the day of the session.

Tampa Headshot Photographer
Headshot Photo taken in Tampa by Warped Vision Photography

2. Choose The Right Outfit.

Generally people usually want to match what is standard for their company or their field. If you aren’t sure, share your company’s website with me and let me know what profession you are in.

Blazers/Jackets are your friend. You can take them on and off and we can asses which is more to your liking.

Avoid patterns.

If you have gained or lost weight take this opportunity to get a new shirt and coat that fits you perfectly. Clothes that are too tight restrict your movement while posing and ones that are too big can make you look disheveled. Something I cant stress enough, have your clothes iron or steamed before the session. Pay extra attention to the collar area.

Bonus Tip: Wear a color that matches your eye color. Complimentary colors (i.e blue and green, Brown and Orange) is a good second choice.

If you plan on bringing a tie, bring some options for your shirt. If we decide to remove your tie for a more casual look, we will have different options for a shirt. A crisp spread collar shirt photographs well. T-shirts and Henley style shirts can work for a casual look as well. Test the different outfits at home beforehand and see if you like the look. If you choose to wear a tie in some of the shots, keep tie patterns to a minimum.

We want the focus on your face, not on your tie. A wider tie tends to photograph better than a narrow one. The widest part of your tie that is showing in a headshot should ideally match the widest part of the your lapel of your jacket.The most photogenic knots for your tie are the half and double Windsor knot. They fill up the area where the collar buttons the best. If you don’t feel comfortable doing a Windsor knot just make sure that whichever knot you do is centered and not too loose.

Tampa Headshot Photographer Warped Vision Headshot Photo
Headshot Photo taken in Tampa Florida by Warped Vision Photography

3. Tweezers and trimmers are your friends.

Check your ears and nose for extra hair, especially if you have a clean shave look. Those extra hairs can pop out of your ears and will possibly bother you later.

Tampa headshot Photographer Warped Vision Headshot
Headshot Photo taken in Tampa Florida by Warped Vision Photography

If you have any questions please feel free to email me!

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