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How to look successful for clients

2020 Has warped how we do business especially in the Tampa area. Now that everything is shifting more towards online, people are finding different ways to get in front of the customer.

Now it's more important to focus on how you can look more professional and quite frankly successful than your competition.

Professional headshots portray that you are successful in what you do.

Let's say you're shopping for a home. Now, who would you prefer to work with? A real estate agent that pulls up in a Honda Civic, or one that pulls up in a Mercedes?

The car speaks about their level of success, and a professional headshot speaks about your level of success.

Why? It shows that quality is important to you and that you can afford it, which is a subliminal message that you are successful.

Who would you rather work with? Someone successful or unsuccessful? The answer is obvious.

It's time to look SUCCESSFUL!

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