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Tampa Pageant Contestant Brand Photoshoot - Jdesiree Rodriguez

J Desiree
Meet Tampa Pageant Contestant - J Desiree

Meet J. Desiree, Mrs. Southeast. She is a passionate woman who is an author, host, write, community enthusiast and a mom.

I met J. Desiree through another photographer who at the time could not fulfill a request to do her photos. Seeing my previous work, he referred her to me so that I may handle her branding for her images. Given that she has reach on many different platforms, it was important to give her a fresh variety of images that she could use to market herself.

Meet Tampa Pageant Contestant - J Desiree

J. Desiree goal was to connect with her audience and open up more opportunities for her brand. After her session, her engagement on social media platforms had a drastic increase as well as overall reach.

J.Desiree thank you for trusting me with your vision!

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