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Why you should avoid "Headshot Days"

There is a reason why I don't do headshot days, and even a bigger reason why you should avoid them.

Headshot with Background Replacement Tampa

What is a headshot day?

Typically a headshot day is when a photographer will pick a day on a calendar and perform headshots at a discounted rate in exchange for a faster session. Sessions will typically range from 15 minutes to 5 minutes (sometimes even faster).

This isn't a knock on any photographer who does headshot days, I done them myself in the past when I had open availability and wanted to fill in the space and get some quick income.

Sadly, that is all that it is for the photographer, there isn't an investment, and often as a client you are treated like fast food.

For some, this is just fine, you get an updated headshot that probably was better than your last one, but is it really the best version of you?

Still don't get it? Think of it this way.

Would you go to McDonalds for a Salad?

Sure Mcdonalds servces salad, but they also serve burgers, burritos, breakfast muffins and pancakes. When you think of McDonalds is the very first thing you think of is Salads? When you order the salad, you might feel full but will you want to go back for another salad? Do you feel good about eating that salad?

Thats what it means to get a Professional Headshot from a Headshot Photographer.

(Not knocking McDonalds by the way, because I LOVE their Mcgriddles and hashbrowns.)

Headshot shot in Studio Tampa

Are you in the Tampa Area and want a headshot that isn't speed lined and personally catered to you?

Book your session today!

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