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Bok Towers - Hidden Photography Gem

A perfect and safe out outing in a COVID-ridden world! Bok Tower is a lovely area just outside of lakeland (in Lake Wales) roughly 45 minutes out from Tampa, Florida.

If you're looking to have your photos taken in a beautiful natural environment, then look no further than here.

While none of the trails are particularly strenuous (no major inclines or climbs), there is a lot of walking; the path to the bell tower had a handicap accessible route. They also have a shuttle to and from the tower if you are unable to make the walk.

Pro-Tip: Wear bug spray and sunscreen! There are shadowy, damp areas all around and mosquitos are everywhere in Florida. Sunscreen is also a must because some areas are quite exposed. Bring a little backpack for bug spray, water, and an umbrella for the afternoon showers (no refunds for rainy weather).

Bok Tower Gardens is one of my favorite finds. It is completely worth the drive to Lake Wales. It makes for a great day trip. There is a lot to see. Here are the quick tidbits.

-Admission is $15/person, this does not include admission to the estate (Unfortunately I haven't got a chance to enter due to it's closing during COVID-19).

- The venue is 99% outdoors, so check the weather before you go.

-Don't expect to be able to enter the tower. You can walk around it, but inside is only open limited times per year to people that donate a lot of money.

-The Carillon bells play every half an hour. There is a "singing tower carillon concert" daily at 1pm and 3pm.

-If you get lost, find your way back to the circular area. It connects everything. There are also maps available if you need them.

There are a lot of paths and different gardens.. explore them all! You will find a lot of beautiful trees, flowers, and scenery. I love the areas behind the estate and where the large trees overlook the hills near the tower. There are TONS of photo spots.

I definitely recommend checking out Bok Tower if you're looking for a unique place to take birthday,engagement, portraits and graduation photos.

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