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Tampa Photography Banned From Cypress Point Beach

I'm not the type of person to say this, but hate when things like this happen. When everyone gets punished due to the acts of a few people.

Recently this was published as I was in the process of booking a shoot for Cypress Point Beach in Tampa. Ironically I had just did a photoshoot the day before here. It's a gorgeous location which is ideal for families and portrait sessions. It has plenty of grassy areas close enough to the water to make a perfect background. Unfortunately, this is a place photographers in Tampa can no longer access. Fortunately I have a list of areas that are great areas to take photos, this will just have to be taken off my list.

"Effective October 16, 2020, we will be implementing a zero-tolerance policy for unpermitted commercial photoshoots at City of Tampa parks and public facilities. In addition, photo permits will no longer be issued for Cypress Point Park or Ben T Davis Beach. We have worked hard to try and educate local photographers on the importance of permits. We acknowledge that some photographers consistently apply for permits and follow the rules and regulations of our local parks. Unfortunately, a far greater number continues to ignore procedures. Park staff have logged countless props and other items left behind from photoshoots. Littering is unacceptable. Photo sessions have also resulted in areas clearly marked as off-limits to be continually violated. In particular, our dunes and beach grass. Fragile ecosystems are being endangered as a result. We believe our current permitting process is fast, convenient, and free for all applicants. To be clear, any paid photo session, including but not limited to portrait photography, headshots, wedding and engagement photos, quinceaneras, fashion, or promo photos, require a permit. No exceptions."

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