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Eureka Springs Tampa

As a photographer I am often tasked for finding an ideal location for my clients to take photos.

I'm always on the road scouting for new parks, nature preserves and hole in the wall spots. My search brought me to a beautiful place called Eureka Springs.

The park includes a short trail which is almost entirely boardwalk through cypress swamp. It's a beautiful walk. Here you can spot an array of flowers, trees and greenery. There are different spots to picnic, including an indoor area that can be reserved. This area also has a kitchen area that includes a sink, refrigerator, and a lot of countertop area (no stove).

It is slowly becoming a hot spot for photographers (i often at least see 1 photographer there during golden hour) yet its not widely known yet either.

All in all this spot is great for family sessions and maternity sessions!

Only drawback due to the amount of trees and openings, there is often too many "sunspots" which makes it difficult to have a session.

My recommendation is to come while it is cloudy or during golden hour.

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