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A look into Beauty Headshots

Beauty Photography is a genre of photography that includes commercial and editorial imagery, as well as simple beauty portraits, so almost any professional or aspiring photographer who appreciates female beauty can find something in it for them. You will commonly find that makeup, hair and other beauty type brands use this type of photography to promote themselves.

Beauty Headshots and Professional headshots differ through the width of the shot as well as the editing technique. While Professional headshots focuses on removing blemishes, fly aways and matching skintone, Beauty focuses on creating a flawless and perfect look.

Posing is directly different as well as there is a stronger focus on highlighting the subject in a flattering yet beautiful way versus a professional way. This may be a hard subject to grasp so allow me to post an example.

Professional headshot of black lawyer.

When taking a look at this headshot, you can see confidence and feel an established trust within the subject. This shot was done wide, showing off her arms and shoulders.

Beauty Headshot

While this headshot is shot tighter, her skin is completely flawless and her makeup is more profound.

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