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Should you pay for headshots for a new employee?

When you hire someone, you're making a significant investment - not just in their pay, but also in the overall onboarding process.

And for businesses offering services, often they will be customer facing, perhaps highlighted on your website. Chances are, if they have an existing headshot, it's older and doesn't reflect your branding - the solution: include a headshot session as part of the onboarding process - problem solved.! And online customized booking pages for my clients make it easy.

This employee hasn't had a headshot taken since he graduated college. His new headshot not only reflects his years of experience and expertise, but also will be consistent with the other headshots on the new website they're developing. The power of consistency and quality - it creates a professional first impression.

If you're interested in having your team look as good as Famous Tate, lets talk.

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