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What is retouching and why do I want it.

I have a particular style of editing photos especially headshots Its what makes me different than other photographers in Tampa, Florida or in any other area. I call it realistically you at 100%.

In this day and age, it is very easy to edit people with the use of filters and the use of other tools to either blur faces and losing quality. At this point in time, Because there is no filter or software that can give you the same results as a skilled digital artist, all of our retouching is done by hand. However, no amount of retouching can replace proper preparation from the client. Ultimately, Good preparation is the best way to insure that your headshot session is a success. Plenty of rest, a well taken care of wardrobe and a great make up artist can eliminate alot of future headaches.

Think of it this way, when you bake a cake, you can add sprinkles, fruit and whip cream. This is not retouching. Retouching is more like rounding the cake and adding more color to the whip cream .

Retouching is offered for every session on the website. We almost always recommend it, however there are certain cases where you might not need it.

Depending on how the image will be used such as event photography it wouldn't make sense to retouch the photos.

Basic Retouching What We do and Don’t Do

We Do:

  • Reduce the appearance of dark circles under eyes

  • Remove yellow and red from eyes and teeth

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

  • Eliminate distracting stray hairs

  • Erase temporary blemishes like acne and razor bumps

  • Enhance the color and contrast for more impact

We Don’t

  • Use skin softening filters

  • Distort or shrink natural features

  • Change hair styles or color

  • Fix wrinkled or disheveled clothes

  • Remove logos or graphics from clothing

  • Remove permanent facial features (actors and models)

Enhanced Retouching

  • Background replacement

  • Color Changes and Enhancements (Changing Tie/Lipstick Colors)

  • Body Sculpting (slimming and other adjustments)

  • Group Composites (adding/removing people from group images)

  • Custom Digital Backgrounds

If you want your images to stand out and have a picture that looks like YOU. I recommend booking a photographer that knows how to properly retouch. If your in the Tampa area we can assist you. (Of course we travel as well but lets save that for another day)

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