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Should You Take Your Headshots Inside or Outside?

I often get asked by clients, professionally speaking, should they take their headshots inside or outdoors. The real answer is, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether companies should have headshots taken inside or outside. Each environment creates distinct tones, so it really comes down to the firm’s brand and personal preference.

Indoor headshots often result in well-lit images that make a formal statement, which are ideal for use on professional platforms like LinkedIn, proposals or presentations. Indoor shoots also allow for flexibility in accommodating schedules versus the later which outdoors have natural light to create a fresh, soft and approachable feel. Whether indoor or outdoor, photographers consider how their subjects may be affected by changes in lighting and shadows.

The best time to do photo shoots outdoor is during "Golden Hour" which is sunset and sunrise. This is due to the soft lighting that is naturally given by the sun at these times. If that doesn't work for you, finding a cloudy day or taking photos in the shade, not facing direct light will yield favorable results.

For when uncontrollable elements ruin a scheduled outdoor shoot, Warped Vision has developed an indoor solution that replicates an outdoor light. Interested in learning more? Contact Warped Vision to discuss photography services.

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